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Later, while the group was investigating the connection of Vali Dertrana to these events, Chetney invisibly snuck into his office alone. There, among other things, he found over 100 platinum, which he kept and concealed from the rest of the party. He found a secret door and overheard part of a conversation between Master Vali and "Ira". When Vali returned to his office and realized someone had been inside it, he began slashing with a saber while searching the room. When he approached the hidden Chetney, Chetney bolted, going straight through the closed stained glass window and landing safely in the courtyard below where the party was nervously waiting.[39]

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During the fight with Ira Wendagoth in "Chasing Nightmares" (3x11), Chetney transformed into a werewolf for the first time. He later revealed his true reason for wanting to find Gurge: they were both cursed with lycanthropy and Gurge might have knowledge of how to control their powers.[40] Later, under heavy pressure from Imogen, he admitted taking 80 platinum from Vali's office, but did not reveal this information to the rest of the party.[41]

I turned and ran, bolted through the trees. Where are they where are they?! I spun the camera looking for them. I spun the camera around so much, in fact, I failed to notice I'd barrelled into a monster camp. While I lay on the floor, face down, dead - a good time for contemplation in Dark Age of Camelot - I looked through my combat log to see what had happened. An elf had shot me. An elf! I was thrilled... until I looked around and realised they were computer elves, there to make the zone more exciting. It hadn't been an enemy player at all. And to think: I'd even screamed in guild chat. 041b061a72

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