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Hold Your Applause

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Hold Your Applause

Improve your sales performance. Sales managers can gain unique perpsectives on hiring and developing more effective sales teams. Salespeople can improve their approach to getting more appointments with target prospects, uncovering desired business results, and engaging clients in a collaborative process that leads to the sale.

Another common issue with the companies who push these ads is the contradiction between their external messaging and the internal ideology of the company. "The first thing I tell companies is 'don't even think about externally communicating to a community that you want to be a leader for LGBT rights without first making sure that your message backs up what's happening internally," says Grace.

The size chart below is not specific to brand types but a general guideline for you to follow. When reading the description of a style, look for words like fitted, loose or baggy to get an understanding of how the style fits. We all shop here so contact us if in doubt about your size!

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I have always thought that applause is the response in Western culture that expresses the same kind of enthusiasm that Eh Ma Ho does in Tibetan. I like that we can express enthusiasm and appreciation in Shambhala in our customary way, rather than pretending that a Tibetan phrase comes naturally to us and means something to us. When is applause not spontaneous?

Thank you again for allowing us to share in your work and to (inaudible) and all of the projects dealing with HIV/AIDS in Soweto. It is always a pleasure for us to be here. The United States Government stands ready to assist. One of the reasons that Secretary of State Powell is here is to show the support of the Bush Administration on many issues confronting Africa and South Africa and he is definitely interested in how the United States can help on HIV and AIDS. So I will sit and say thank you again for receiving us, we look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you how we can keep that momentum going on dealing with the issue of HIV and AIDS. Thank you very much.

From your right, David Jackson, Dallas Morning News; Marie Cocco, Newsday; LisaZagaroli, Detroit News; Donna Leinwand, Knight-Ridder Newspapers; Susan Garland,Businessweek Magazine; Ray Fisher, associate attorney general of the United States and guest ofour speaker; Bill Lann Lee, acting assistant attorney general for civil rights and guest of ourspeaker; Ken Eskey, the chairman of the speakers committee; skipping the speaker, MarkJohnson, Media General News Service and the speakers committee member responsible fororganizing today's lunch; Larry Bivins, Gannett News Service; Linda Kramer,People Magazine; Naftali Bendavid, Chicago Tribune; Jennifer Maddox, Scripps-Howard NewsService; and Tony Mauro, USA Today. (Applause.)

Effective policing does not mean abusive policing. Effective policing does not ignore theconstitutional rights and the civil liberties that police officers are sworn to uphold. On the NinthStreet side of the Justice Department building, inscribed across the top, are the words describingthe law that we live under. "The common law is derived from the will of mankind, issuing fromthe life of the people, framed through mutual confidence, sanctioned by the light of reason." Forpolice officers to be effective, their enforcement of the law must be framed in mutual confidencebetween the people served and the people who serve them. Every American must respect the law,but the law must respect every American.

Our second undertaking is this: We must insist on police accountability. And I begin with theDepartment of Justice. We are conducting a self-assessment of our own use of force and civilrights processes, coordinated by the inspector general, to ensure that we have procedures in placewhich hold us accountable to the American people, to all of the American people.

All of a sudden, you realize he's trapped. You yell out that you're police and you order him toput his hands in the air. But instead, the panicked youth suddenly swirls around holding a tiny,shiny object that appears to be a gun. Equally panicked, you pull out your gun and without timeto reflect, pull the trigger.

Was it a gun? Why did the suspect run? Did your shots hit the youth? Was he, in fact, therobber? Were you right to pursue him in the first place? We don't know the answers to thishypothetical question, but the most relevant question may be, however, whether you were trainedfor such an encounter and whether you did everything possible to avoid the use of force.

That's why we're trying a new tack. Every year we conduct a survey of households across thecountry, asking whether residents have been victims of a crime. The Crime Victimization Surveyis perhaps one of the most accurate reflections of law enforcement trends. This year we're goingto update the survey to include questions on police misconduct -- questions like,"During the last year, have you had an encounter with the police in which physical force wasused?" By doing this, we can get a better sense of the relationship people have with lawenforcement and we will know whether the efforts police departmentsmake are succeeding.

This is a serious question. The very honorable and excellent police officers that you applaudin your remarks are the same ones who refuse to point out, testify against or blow the whistle onknown abusive police practices and corrupt officers.

I, frankly, think that when state and local officials undertake their responsibility, that it is agreat step in the right direction in terms of holding people accountable. That will mean thatacross this country, we have a network of law enforcement that will not tolerate misconduct.

It is just fascinating to watch the dynamics of a good police officer who is dedicated, whounderstands young people and the difference that they can make; the difference they make for anelderly person, who is kind of suspicious. She comes down to the center now and really holdsforth on just what should be done to get her community cleaned up.

Listen to the President's Remarks View the President's Remarks View the President's RemarksJump to USA Freedom Corps details 6:35 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. I'm glad to beback in the great state of Florida. (Applause.) I love to come tostates where they've got a greatgovernor. (Applause.) As Americans make theirtravel plans, more of us need to think about coming to Florida. (Applause.) One of the last times I came was when I went to the race trackowned by Mr. France, right next door to here, where Theresa's goodhusband was driving cars. It was such an honor to be withMr. France and his wife, and Theresa Earnhardt. And may God rest Dale's soul and mayGod bless her family, too. (Applause.) I don't know if you all know this, but you sent a good one up torepresent you in Congress, John Mica. And I appreciateJohn being here. (Applause.) In politics, they've got the talkers andthey've got the doers. John is a doer. I worked closely withhim on an airport security bill that will make sure that when Americansget on their airplanes, it is as safe as can possibly be. And I want to thank John forhis leadership and his hard work on this vital piece oflegislation. (Applause.) I know we've got some from the Statehouse in particular -- theSpeaker of the House Feeney. I'm so honored that people came down fromTallahassee to say hello to Jeb's little -- bigbrother. (Laughter.) I am so thrilled to be here. I hope I didn't speak to long last night. AUDIENCE: No! (Applause.) THE PRESIDENT: I didn't mean to keep people up too late,but I had something to say. (Applause.) The stateof our union is strong; this is a great nation. (Applause.) We've got somechallenges ahead, but this country is going to rise to the challenges. (Applause.) We've got a big task ahead, and that is to rid the world ofterror. I know people say, well, what does that mean? Well, itmeans that in order to keep America safe, we've got to make it clear to any person whothinks they want to be a terrorist that this great nation and itscoalition will find you and bring you to justice. It means that if youharbor a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, if you hide a terrorist,you're just as guilty as a terrorist. (Applause.) Our mission is more than just Afghanistan. Although,we've been pretty darn successful there, thanks to the United Statesmilitary. (Applause.) And for those of you who have a loved one inour military or in the military, I want to thank you from the bottom ofour heart. I'm so proud -- I'm so proud of the men and women who wear our uniform. And you need to be proud, too. We've sent them into atough mission and they've accomplished that mission exactly the way that I hopedthey would. We routed the Taliban -- and, by the way, there'snothing that makes me more joyous than to know our great military havebeen liberators; liberators of oppressed women and children, liberating people fromthe clutches of one of the most barbaric regimes in the history ofmankind. (Applause.) We're still in that theater. We will be in that theaterwith our military until we bring al Qaeda to justice. Thisis a dangerous phase of the first theater in the war on terror becausethere's a lot of caves. And we're trying to find people who,on the one hand, send youngsters to their death, and on the other hand, hide. On the one hand,they say it's okay for you to go kill yourself. And on the other hand,they're running and hiding. But, see, what they don't understand about this nation is we arepatient; we are determined; we are steadfast. We'regoing to keep them running, and one of these days we'll bring them tojustice. (Applause.) But the mission is more than just Afghanistan and alQaeda. We need not be focused on one person, because we're fighting for freedomand civilized civilization. We fight to make sure ourchildren and our children's children can grow up in a peaceful world, a world basedupon values that respect dignity of life and the individual -- values. (Applause.) Universal values. We fight evil people, people who want to murder, people who hateAmerica and what we stand for. And that's why we'll berelentless and steady. The world looks to us forleadership. If we blink, they may go tosleep. That's why we're not going toblink. That's why we're going to be afterthem. That's why we're going to disrupt theirfinances. That's why we're going to hold peopleaccount. That's why we're going to say, if you developweapons of mass destruction and you aim and ruin the security of usor our allies, we will hold you accountable. That's whythis nation is going to stand tall and strong and not relent in the face ofterror. (Applause.) My biggest job is to secure our homeland. I walk intothat magnificent Oval Office in the morning and I look at a threatassessment, where the enemy may try to hit us again. And make nomistake about it, they'd like to. My biggest job is to rallythe resources of our government to prevent anything from happening tothe innocent life in America. And I take it seriously, and so does our government. We'redoing everything in our power to seek down leads, to alert people if necessary, togather as much intelligence as we can and share it quickly. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's major mission now is to keepthe homeland safe, is to prevent another attack. So to allthe law enforcement officials who are here, I want to thank you very much for yourdiligence, your hard work, for keeping your eyes and earsalert. (Applause.) Traveling around the country, talking about a homeland initiativethat's going to enhance more spending for -- to fight bioterrorism,more money for first-responders, like the fire and the police; to makesure the emergency plans are in place; more money for the healthagencies around the country; more money to make sure that we understand who's cominginto our country and who leaves our country. (Applause.) They've put us on notice, and we're after them. The bestway to secure our homeland in the long-term, however, is to take this war,wherever a terrorist tries to hide, and get 'em. Andthat's exactly what we're going to do. (Applause.) I sent a budget -- one of the things a President does is put out abudget. I sent a budget up. It starts with thisnumber one priority: If you wear our uniform, you deservethe best training, the best equipment and another pay raise. (Applause.) The second budget request I put in there is for homeland security. And the third is for jobsecurity. (Applause.) I know there are some people hurting in this state. And my interest is to makesure we do wise things to increase the job base. We're going to helppeople with an unemployment check, but what Americans want is a steady paycheck. (Applause.) Oh, I know there's been a lot of talk about revenues here andspending here and all that. Let me just tell you something aboutthe tax relief plan that you helped us pass. Thank goodnesswe passed it. It came at the right time. If youwant to fight off a recession, if you're interested in job creation,one of the best ways to do so is to let people keep their ownmoney so they can spend it and, therefore, create morejobs. (Applause.) We did exactly the right thing in Washington, D.C. Wemade the exact right decision. I know there are some who have got adifferent theory about economics -- that is, if you take more money outof people's pockets and increase the size of government, the economyrecovers. That's not what we think. That's not --and most economists will tell you if you encouragea tax rise in times of recession, it will make mattersworse. That's Economics 101. Evidently, some of them up there forgotto pick up the textbook. (Laughter andapplause.) This tax cut says we trust people withtheir own money. And it also reminds people that we'redealing not with the government's money, but with the people'smoney. (Applause.) We need to stimulate more economic growth by encouraging investmentin plant and equipment, which means jobs -- and by stimulatingconsumer spending by accelerating the tax relief plan, which meansjobs. Jobs is a central core of any stimulus package. And let me remind you of something else about jobs. Inorder to make sure people can find work and the job base of America expands,folks, we need an energy policy. We need a policy that hasreliable energy for America. Imagine an employer wonderingwhether or not they're going to run out of energy. That person is not likely to hiresomebody. Or if we get tight on energy, the price of energy goes up. It meanssomebody is not going to be able to find work. We need an energy policy. We need to encourageconservation. We need to build infrastructure. And we need to encourageexploration amongst -- in the United States. (Applause.) A good energy policyis job security. But a good energy policy that reduces dependency upon foreign oilis a matter of national security, as well. (Applause.) Like I said last night, I have been in awe of the American people. AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you! (Laughter andapplause.) THE PRESIDENT: I'm at a loss for words. I'mspeechless. (Laughter.) May be hard to believe, after 49 minutes of talking last night.(Laughter.) But I do want to tell you that this is afabulous land, as you know. And we've got a greatopportunity. The enemy hit us. As I like to kindof tease the enemy, they must have been watching too much daytime TV.They thought we were soft; they thought we were materialistic; theythought we wouldn't fight for what we believed; they thought we wouldcower in the face of terror. And my, my, are theywrong. (Applause.) Quite the contrary has happened. This great nation isunified and steadfast. And this nation understands that ifyou want to fight evil, you do so with acts of goodness. I'm asked all the time, what can I do to help? Peoplesay, well, gosh, I want to be a part of the war against terror. Andmy answer is, love somebody. Be a good mother or dad. Ianswered the call last night for -- many of you, I know, are spending alot of time in your communities, helping people in need, worrying aboutkids in school, helping the schools, teaching in the schools,perhaps. But I'm calling on America -- and I did last night and I will continue to do so -- to serve two years, or4,000 hours for the rest of your life in service to your community. And if you don't have a place, we've started what's called the USAFreedom Corps. It's a chance for retired police officersor fired off -- firemen to help out the local law enforcement authorities to be onalert. I'll give you an interesting idea that took place inMaine. They've got Maine lobstermen are now patrolling thecoast on a volunteer basis to make sure that somebody in a -- somebody carrying something they don'twant to carry in a boat shows up on the coast. I mean, there'sall kinds of ways to serve the community. We're looking for people to be mentors. We're lookingfor teachers to teach in neighborhoods that may need teachers. Tomorrow-- I'm here because I want to go be a Senior Corps program where seniorcitizens are signed up to help lend their talents and their valuable experiencein the communities. There's all kinds of ways, all kinds ofways, that Americans can serve their communities and their neighborhoods. Andby doing so, we stand square in the face of evil. We tell the enemy, youcan't get us. You think so, you think you can tear down the spirit ofAmerica, but quite the contrary. We are stronger than we have ever been asa nation. (Applause.) Nobody wishes this evil had ever happened. But as aresult of evil, there's some amazing things that are taking place inAmerica. People have really begun to challenge the culture of the past that said, "if itfeels good, do it,: to welcome a new culture that says, "I'mresponsible for the decisions I make in life." (Applause.) This nation has a chance -- this nation, this great nation has achance to help change the culture. We have a chance to standup for being a mom or dad by just loving your kids more. Wehave a chance to fight evil by walking across the street to a shut-in,saying somebody cares. We have a chance to say to the thousands of children whose moms or dads andparents, to match them with a mentor -- who are in prison -- and matchthem with a mentor, so these youngsters know there's hope in oursociety;

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