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this site ( is a replacement for a previous site ( that i used to store images of insect specimens from a variety of museums and private collections. many of the images are available for purchase at images are also available to researchers and scientists for a fee via the contact information listed on the site. the latter service will generate a pdf file that can be sent to anyone that is interested.

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1) full identification of the species, as given in the literature. 2) collection locality. 3) year of collection, if known. 4) coordinates (geographic) of the locality, if known. 5) type of trap used to collect the specimen (if known).

the labels of the collection bottles are more or less handwritten; no type specimens are known for these materials. furthermore, the labels of some of the bottles may be incomplete (e.g. specimens of the same species but from different localities are all labeled with the same label).

the specimens examined in the present paper have been recently collected using a modified malaise-trap (funnel-townes style, b. motamedinia, unpublished: bm-mtf-ts) placed in various localities of kermanshah province (western part of iran), as well as in eastern provinces (fig. 1ab). the traps were a basic malaise trap supplemented with an additional internal collecting bottle. the insects bump into the black mesh panel and move towards the lighter mesh to escape due to their positive phototropism (van achterberg 2009); at this point, they encounter the collection bottle and become permanently trapped. however, a considerable number of insects fail to enter the collecting bottle for various reasons e.g., inappropriate installation of trap or collecting bottle, displacement of the trap by wind, or the particular behavior of the insects (fig. 1cd). the collected specimens were killed in 75% ethanol and then glued on triangular cards, according to axa protocol (van achterberg 2009). finally, all of the specimens labeled using new pinning block (ghafouri moghaddam et al. 2017).

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