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Slow Roast Pork Belly With Proper Crackling !!LINK!!

We achieve this by firstly cooking slowly at a low temperature, while using a trick with foil to get a confit effect that keeps the flesh parts bathed in fat as it cooks. Finally we hit the pork with maximum heat to develop the amazing crackling!

slow roast pork belly with proper crackling

Level the pork so the skin is level (ie. as horizontal as possible) by propping up the belly with balls of foil beneath. This makes the crackling cook evenly = perfect crackling. (Game-changing tip #2); and

Firstly, I do believe that the fat bubbling out from under the skin helps to make the crackling crispy. This is true. But a light rub of oil does the same job. And literally, I mean 1/2 tsp for 1kg / 2lb of pork belly.

b) Catch the pork belly fat as it melts so the flesh almost cooks like confit. Confit is an age-old French technique where duck, pork and other meats slowly cook submerged in their own fat until incredibly tender. The fat moderates temperature, while preventing moisture and flavour loss. The extra flavour and juiciness you get simulating this method with this pork is outrageous. Outrageous! ?

As counterintuitive as it might sound, keeping the pork skin initially soft is super-important during the slow roast phase. Without this, the bubbles that develop and harden into great crackling cannot form.

Nagi, I am VERY upset! I have just had this pork belly cooked your way for my meal, and I have to say it was THE best crackling I have ever had. Trouble is, I am supposed to be on a diet and I will just have to make it again !!!It was accompanied by your Boston baked beans. YUMMY!

Hi Nagi,Is there any chance of cooking the pork belly the day before, leaving it in its juices overnight and then blasting it (for the crackling) just before serving? I am having 15 people for Xmas eve and would love to be able to prepare this early.ThanksJenny

We served this pork belly at one of our Supperclubs and it went down a treat with our diners. Everyone raved about the soft pork, full of flavour, the fat properly rendered down and topped with crackling. That is they key to roasting this delicious cut, you must properly render down the layers of fat. Regardless of how good your crackling is, nobody will thank you for a thick layer of fat underneath.

Pork belly is a cut that requires slow roasting at a low temperature. Take it out too early and the fat will not have rendered and you risk the meat being chewy. Cooked like we have here it is a truly delicious cut of pork.

A few of our diners have asked how to cook pork belly, so here it is our perfect pork belly recipe. Key to cooking this roast is to purchase fresh, good quality pork belly from your butcher. We are very lucky to have great quality pork available to us in the UK.

Next start with an extremely hot oven. This high heat seals the meat and also starts the fat melting under the skin. This layer of fat melts into the meat as it cooks, ensuring moist, soft meat. Start with the oven as high as 250C for 25 minutes, then gradually reduce down to 140C for the most amazing tender pork and crunchy crackling.

Pork works with a wide range of vegetables, roasted carrots and parsnip with cumin seeds would be delicious. The trick is not to serve something too oily as you want the vegetables to work with the fatty pork.

Hi Marne, I am so pleased you enjoyed the pork! Its one of my favourite ways to cook pork belly and my family fight over the crackling every-time! So happy it made your meal a success, make my day to know something was shared:-) Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment to let us know. Michelle

Try our perfect roast pork recipe with the best crackling then check out more pork belly recipes such as our classic roast pork, roast pork for two and Chinese pork belly. Pair your pork belly with our classic Yorkshire puddings and apple sauce, then also discover more roast dinner recipes.

Roasting belly with the rib bones still intact protects some of the internal meat from the fierce heat of the oven. As the bones heat up they will gradually transmit heat to the meat inside. Along with the onions and celery on the bottom of the tray, the ribs also act as a trivet, propping up the meat and enabling heat to circulate underneath while also allowing the meat to braise in the cider and the crackling to roast.

The slow cooker and a piece of pork are usually a match made in heaven. And cooking pork belly in the slow cooker is one of the best ways of cooking this particular cut. The meat is juicy and incredibly tender, and the crackling will crisp up in the oven once you are finished with slow cooking.

Love the idea of cooking Belly pork in the slow cooker in these days of High Energy Costs. Just watched Jamie Oliver cook belly pork in his electric oven for 3 hours !!Thank goodness I found your recipe to cook it in the slow cooker. Just off to Tesco to find belly pork and user it with your recipe. Thank you for sharing.

Cooking crispy pork belly slices could not be easier. Learn several methods for cooking them; they are all quick and straightforward. And if you want to know how to cook a larger piece with crispy skin, look at this easy recipe for Slow-Cooker Pork Belly.

Nice job, succinct and helpful your write up and pics are for my first foray into preparing thick cut pork belly. I'm going with your suggestion and recipe--in the oven with sweet and smoked paprika and garlic powder, salt and pepper. thanks again

Crackling would have to be the most enjoyable part of a good piece of pork. That undeniable crispy, oily crunch filled with so much flavour is something we all look forward to after having a roast in the oven for hours. Especially as it fills your entire house with mouthwatering smells!

I was looking for a roast pork recipe and yours stuck out. Making a pork roast with crackling skin? No way!We had a six pound, bone in roast. I had to make a few adjustments, but followed your recipe exactly. The end result was pure heaven.

Put the fennel, bay leaves, garlic, cardamom, star anise and half the fennel seeds into a hot roasting tray on the hob with a little oil and heat for about 2 minutes until aromatic. Push to the side of the tray, then add the pork, skin side down, and cook for at least 5 minutes until turning golden brown. Turn the pork over, season the skin again with salt and sprinkle with the remaining fennel seeds. Pour in the wine to deglaze the pan, scraping up the bits from the bottom (be careful not to get the skin of the pork wet). Bring to the boil, then pour in enough stock to come up to the layer of fat just below the skin and allow to boil again.

Transfer the meat to a warm plate and set aside to rest. Meanwhile, spoon off any excess fat in the roasting tray or drag a slice of bread along the surface of the cooking juices to absorb it. Heat the tray on the hob, adding the mustard. Mix in with a whisk, then taste and adjust the flavours as necessary. Remove the star anise and cardamom pods and pour the sauce into a jug. Serve the rested pork with the sauce alongside.

@Nicole, I know it's been years since you asked this question, but in case you still haven't made this and want to, try visiting an Asian food market. They will for sure have pork belly. Costco's pork belly comes with no skin, so no cracklings, and that's half the dish, so who wants that.

I'm afraid I really can't help you out with that one... I'm based in Eastern Hungary and am Britsh by birth so my knowledge of the best places to score pork belly in Georgia is, well, non-existent. Maybe try asking in a local cooking forum?

The roasting time and temperature vary depending on the individual oven and the size of the pork belly. The recipe below records the time and temperature I used for cooking a 3-pound pork belly. You might need to shorten or prolong the roasting time for the final stage (450F / 230C) of roasting, so the skin will crisp up properly.

A piece of 3-pound pork belly can serve 3 to 4 people as a main course, and a 4-pound cut serves 4 to 6 people. For sides, a light green vegetable is a must. It cuts the richness of the main course and cleanses your palate. Opt for blanched Broccoli with Oyster Sauce or baby bok choy in garlic soy sauce. A small bowl of steamed rice makes a good addition, or Mashed Potato also makes an ideal side to absorb the juices.

Hi Tricia, indeed I share the same thought as well. I had been reluctant to develop pork belly recipes because the cut is too fatty. Cooking this dish totally changed my mind! I found out you can create quite lean pork belly by slowly render the fat (of course you want a cut on the lean side to start with).Let me now how the pork turns out if you decide to cook it.Have a great weekend and happy cooking ?

Pork belly is one of the most delicious cuts of meat you can cook with your air fryer. This is because it can be slow cooked in its own fat to create a delicious crispy skin and succulent meat on the inside.

This is required to get the pork belly as crispy as possible. The recipe below calls for light olive oil, but you could substitute another cooking oil with a high smoke point (avoid extra virgin olive oil for cooking in an air fryer).

To slice the roasted pork belly, turn it upside down on a chopping board and cut through to with a sharp knife. This is the best way to get perfect pork belly slices and to cut through the crispy crackling without shattering it.

There are a few meals I can say I'm making that will make my children excited (or pretend to be), and this is one of them. Alongside there must be Pie Insides (which is what my daughter has always called leeks in white sauce) and for ultimate gratification, roast potatoes although I usually use goose fat for roast potatoes, I feel the pork belly allows, indeed encourages, the substitution of lard. I'm not convinced that with all that fabulous crackling you do need roasties as well, but I like to provide what makes people happy.

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