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Kotor 2 Crash After Cutscene ~REPACK~

Aspyr released KOTOR II on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month and in Q3 this year, the team will be releasing a Restored Content DLC, putting cut content back in the game for console players. However, before that, Aspyr is going to have to fix a major bug within KOTOR 2. Currently, when players reach the planet Onderon for the first time, a crash occurs during a cutscene.

Kotor 2 Crash After Cutscene

There is a way to get around this though. As it turns out, KOTOR 2 on Switch ships with a cheat menu available in-game, which you can access by triple clicking the left thumbstick. From there, you can warp your character to a different section of Onderon, OND504 to be specific, and skip the cutscene causing the crash.

The issue appeared to be both widespread and completely unavoidable (thanks, VGC). As players made their way through Kotor 2, they found that the same cutscene on Onderon caused the game to crash. This cutscene is part of the main questline, and cannot be skipped. Therefore, this crash locked everyone out of completing the game, forcing them to halt their progress.

So I was happily playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on my Macbook Pro running OS X Yosemite, and all of a sudden the game crashed. The first time this happened, I was transitioning between cut-scenes and the game crashed, bringing me back to my desktop. Then a window popped up and said that the game "quit unexpectedly" and asked if I would like to report to Apple. I said no and rebooted the game. I arrived at the same point again after loading my save game and it crashed at exactly the same spot. I am hoping that this does not mean that my copy of the game is defective, because it would be a shame not to finish it! I downloaded the game from the App Store a few months ago, and have had no crashing issues until today. Wondering if anyone might have any suggestions to fix this...I'm not really a computer wiz and do most of my gaming on consoles, so any help would be appreciated.

So I discovered that the problem was related to a glitch in the had nothing to do with the functionality of my Macbook Pro. The point in the story where the game crashed was right before the main character and Carth are about to board the Ebon Hawk...the cutscene should show them doing so, but was only showing one character, not both. The glitch was that I had Carth selected before the cutscene, and so when the cutscene started, my main character did not show up running with him to the ship. After the cutscene ended the game crashed. I fixed the problem by selecting my main character before moving on to the cutscene. She then showed up running with Carth to the ship...The game was "assuming" that since my main character did not board the ship, the story could not progress any further. Then there was no issue transitioning to the next section of the game. I didn't have any other problems and was able to progress to the end of the game, and my efforts were well worth it! I wish they would decide to make Star Wars KOTOR 3...!

Exact same thing happened to me and your fix worked. The cutscene (this is about 2/3rds into game or 15-20 hours in) showed only Carth (selected) running accross the hangar and boarding the ebon hawk. Once the ship is boarded there is a space cut scene and a spaceship firefight. Once I complete the firefight (after destroying the last enemy) the game immediately crashes.

After reading your post I went back and selected my main character (not Carth) and the cut scene showed both Carth and main character running to the ship. The game no longer crashed after the fire fight.

I'm on a PC laptop, and my game is consistently crashing during the same spot in the cutscene on the beginner planet when they discover the Jedi fighter crashed into the ship, it always does the same thing, Cal goes to wipe the dirt off of the wing, there's a break in the audio, the screen goes black, shows my desktop but audio continues for 3-4 minutes, during that time I am unable to do anything, then it closes out completely.

It's tough to troubleshoot any further especially since after the crashes nothing shows up in event viewer or Win10 crash dumps. The logs in %programdata%\Origin\Logs only give so much information to a user like OP and I who may be tech-savvy but its like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Hi, I found problem and solution for crash during cutscenes if the game is running on Origin platform.Problem: overclock on graphic card, even made by producent.Solution: lowering GPU speed, to stock or almost stock values

However, Windows users (especially Windows 10) have seen that the game is almost impossible to play; either with constant crashes occurring during the game or crashes right after the game is opened which prevent you from opening it at all. Follow the instructions below in order to try and fix KOTOR on your PC.

Reinstalling the game can do wonders and there are even tutorials on how to save your current progress and just continue playing after the reinstall. Follow the steps below in order to uninstall the game completely and then install it again to see if it still crashes on your PC.

I'm at the part in Nar Shaddaa where you confront Visquis and goto captures you, Right after the cutscene with Kreia bringing Hanharr back to life the game cuts to my character at the control room( I thought I was captured?) then freezes.

Digimon Survive is a tactical RPG full of monsters that players must battle to survive. The game takes a visual novel approach to tell its story, and it works really well. However, PC players are experiencing errors and issues with Digimon Survive like Unity crash, game freezing and crashing after the initial cutscene, game minimizing, crash at launch, and more. The following are the errors that PC players report, along with their fixes and workarounds.

In an exchange on social media, a player reveals how they experienced a game crash after the Basilisk Crash cutscene when landing on Onderon, and that there's no way to complete the game in the current state.

Outlined on Aspyr's support site, the workaround is intended to allow players to progress past a point where the game normally crashes for no apparent reason. Some players recently discovered that KOTOR II was seemingly impossible to complete, as the game would crash immediately after an important cutscene roughly halfway through the game. Aspyr's temporary solution involves liberal use of a cheat system to teleport past the problem point.

Some players were unable to complete the story after encountering a crash following one of the game's main cutscenes, taking place after the Basilisk Crash cutscene and landing on Onderon. The workaround requires players to access a hidden cheat menu and warp past that point, as Aspyr works on a more traditional fix for the game's next patch.

If you are lightside, after the cutscene with Mira, I think (if I don't forget), your Playable Charachter will be Mira in Jekk' Jekk' Tar'. You should walk in Jekk' Jekk' Tar', and a cutscene will trigger with Visquis and Hanharr. After, your PC will be Exile and you should go in Jekk Jekk Tar to save Mira and find Zez Kai El.

So my I was just playing GTA SA as usual and after watching the cutscene in the mission "Farewell My Love" it just freezes there. As usual, after cutscenes in a mission there will always be a black screen just for the game to load but my problem is that during the black screen load thing, my game just freezes during the black screen loading thing. Any help, fix or suggestions?

After already discovering an issue early in the game that got players stuck in a loop on Peragus, players are now finding that there's another, even more frustrating bug hiding within the title. As it stands, after watching the Basilisk Crash cutscene that plays when landing on Onderon ... the game crashes. Considering this essentially makes the title unbeatable, and the cutscene occurs roughly halfway through the game, it calls into question how the game made it through QA. Though Aspyr acknowledged the issue in a support article, players haven't been too happy with the way things have turned out.

Submitted by Ryan (Again): I hve also found another XP glitch involving (SPOILER ALERT) The fight with Saul Karath aboard the Leviathan. I have found that if you use Master Speed and kill him before ANY OTHER ENEMY! THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF SAUL IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DIES.The cutscene where he dies will play as normal. Exit out this cutscene and you will have to kill all of Sauls bodyguards (Plus the 3 Sih Grenadiers that always spawn after Saul's death). Once they are all dead, walk out side the bridge and the door should close like always. Turn around and walk back in and Saul and his bodyguards will be revived and the battle + cutscene will happen again.

Howdy I'm playing the triple emulated Kotor on xbone Kotor digital. I have just did the secret handshake with malak in the Leviathan and Morales pretty low as we head out. But worse then that is while the cutscenes plays after I destroy the sith fighters the conversation starts and then in between audio dialouge carth desides he has fatal case of post traumatic 1000 yard stare and stops talking so the next dialouge doesn't happen.......ever I have restarted several time and I'll keep trying but the game just stops mid cutscene.

Submitted by Sport511JH : In the Star Forge, just after you kill the Sith outside of the Ebon Hawk, you walk into the room where the droids are supposed to spawn, but the cutscene with Malak and his apprentice cuts out, and you can open the doors, and the droids are just standing there, preventing you from moving on, but not attacking you either. This appears to be a settings bug but as of right now there is no fix. This is very problematic, as you CANNOT progress in the game.

Last week, publisher Aspyr officially acknowledged the existence of a game-breaking glitch in the recent Switch port of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. That glitch, which crashes the game after the "Basilisk Crash" cutscene on the planet Onderon, has the inconvenient side effect of making the Switch version completely unbeatable.

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