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Where To Buy Fellowes Paper Shredders

In addition to the Amazon Basics six-sheet shredder we selected as our budget pick in 2019, we brought in six new paper shredders to test in 2021: three eight-sheet shredders and three 12-sheet shredders.

where to buy fellowes paper shredders

The Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder is one of the less expensive shredders available, but it produced paper shreds that were notably larger than those of all the other cross-cut shredders we tested. It also had one of the more difficult-to-lift top pieces, and it jammed more often than the other budget shredders we tried.

Do not use aerosol oils to lubricate your shredder. Such lubricants are petroleum-based and can be a serious fire hazard. Use only vegetable-based oils like Fellowes Shredder Oil for all cross-cut paper shredders. Also use High Security Shredder Oil for large capacity paper shredders and Fellowes commercial shredders with the Auto-Oil feature.

Modern shredders can handle more than sheets of paper. Many of today's models can slice through CDs, credit and ID cards, paper clips, and staples. Some can make quick work even of thick envelopes full of junk mail.

The best shredder for you depends on your particular needs: Consider its speed, capacity, run time, and security (or the size of its shred). For example, a smaller office may want a fast shredder to run through a modest amount of paper quickly, while a larger office with more paper to dispose of may want a higher capacity or a longer run time. Offices that handle very sensitive documents will want a micro-cut shredder to dice the paper into fine confetti. Note also that the smaller the shred size, the more paper that will fit in the waste bin before you need to empty it. Strip-cut shredders tend to generate large, airy bundles of shredded materials; the finer shredders' output is easier to compact.

Paper shredders fall into six levels of security level 1 (lowest) to level 6 (highest) as defined in DIN32757. These levels have been defined under different considerations about information media and security required. For normal home use then a lower level of security is suitable. For an office where information such as personnel and wage documents are being disposed, then a higher level (cross cut shredder model) would be suitable.

These high-performance paper shredders are designed to meet the needs of busy work environments with up to 5 users regularly shredding. Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive data, the Fellowes range of small office and home office paper shredders are designed for frequent moderate to heavy everyday use. Compared to personal use shredders, Fellowes small and home office paper shredders can shred larger quantities over longer periods and generally include a longer duty cycle motor.

These high-capacity, heavy-duty shredders are designed to cope with continuous use by workgroups with multiple users. Fellowes office and departmental office shredders have larger bin capacities, wider paper feed entries, and are able to deal with the constant demands encountered by offices with multiple users and those requiring continuous use. Compared to small and home office paper shredders, Fellowes office and departmental shredders can shred even faster, over longer periods to meet the demands of central shredding environments such as resource rooms and records departments.

Fellowes Automax walk-away shredder range enables users to get on with work whilst their documents are being shredded automatically. Like Fellowes hand feed paper shredders, the Fellowes Automax walk-away shredder range accommodates various sized stacks of paper. Although designed predominantly as auto feeding paper shredders, paper can also be hand fed via a manual feed entry for when this option is more convenient.

Thankfully overheating a paper shredders motor is not all bad news, as a thermal overload sensor is what stops the motor when it reaches a pre-determined temperature range / duty cycle. Without a thermal overload sensor, the shredder will continue to operate until the motor is permanently damaged.

There are seven security levels, ranging from P1 (lowest level) to P7 (highest level). Generally, each paper cut type is associated with particular security levels: strip-cuts are P1 or P2; cross-cuts, P3 or P4, and micro-cuts, P5 to P7. Those with higher security levels produce smaller paper particles but are also more expensive. For instance, a paper shredder with security level P7 could cost somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Similarly, shredders have a maximum run-time. The run-time tells you how many minutes it can continuously shred paper before needing a timeout. Some units can run for about 20 minutes, while others can run for up to an hour or more.

The 79Ci has a convenient 6-gallon pull-out bin and can run for up to 20 minutes, with a 30-minute cool-down period. It comes with Fellowes' SafeSense technology, which immediately stops the unit when you touch the paper opening, so it's suitable for home offices where there are kids or pets.

Fast feeds may cause jamming, and this happens when you insert a stack of paper before the previous one finishes shredding. Fortunately, some paper shredders have a technology that alerts you to remove excess papers. Shredders handle different materials, so refrain from inserting plastic sheets or any other non-supported material. 041b061a72

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